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Do think feeling good is out of reach?  Feeling good is really quite simple. It comes down to choices. When you think about it, a bad day is really just a series of moments. If you make the shift from a day to a moment, it’s a lot easier to let go and move on. This is when you make the conscious shift to say, how can I feel better? You inherently believe it’s possible or you wouldn’t be here. So, let’s get started and have some fun. Learn more about How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority at work, home, training and life in general.

An evolution of founder and director Holly Rouillard Johnson’s 27-time marathon career and 30+ years running two successful PR and marketing firms and serving as a running coach, a COVID calling spurred a desire to expand her feel-good mindset training to a broader audience and help people around the world feel better – about themselves, their work, their relationships and their value. 

The feel-good coaching journey continued with Holly’s first book, How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority: A Marathoner’s Journey to a Feel-Good State. In the book, as well as through her speaking and consulting, learn how the principles and techniques to achieving a more positive mindset improve workplace productivity and success in life.

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Something For Everyone

All Ages & Backgrounds

We all have the right to feel good, no matter your age, background or experience. Whether it’s to elevate the workplace environment into a more feel-good place, or reach a specific goal in life, fitness, work or relationships, discover how adapting positive mindset techniques can help you reach your goals.


Virtual Coaching

Let’s face it. We’re in a digital world, which also means new tools for training, including staying high touch in a high-tech world. Sessions can be adapted for one-on-one to larger groups and meetings.


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Personalized Programs

Every company, organization and person are unique and deserves personalized attention to understand and determine the best course of action for reaching feel-good mindset goals. Training, coaching and speaking presentations are tailored to specific needs and interests. Discover how feel-good training and practices can grow your bottom line, improve your success in life and love, and raise your overall wellbeing.


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