Newly Released “How To Make Feeling Good Your Priority”

What do you do when self-doubt kicks in? In some ways it’s inevitable. But then again, it doesn’t have to be that way. When we focus on what we fear, our fears manifest themselves.  When we focus on making feeling good the priority, which helps us reach our goals, we tend to be much more successful. It’s not that there aren’t forks in the road or detours — it’s how we perceive and respond to these that determines whether we start to give up and give in to whatever fears we’re having or use them as a “sign” that says, “whoa, stop!  You’re heading in the wrong direction.”  

This is where the detour sign comes in and works to our advantage. Because a detour is simply an alternate route to get us back on track – the track of feeling good. Yes, at first it can be really annoying, frustrating or upsetting, but in reality, it just helps keep us going. And isn’t movement better than feeling stuck? 

What if I said you could make a radical shift in your life to feel better and all it will cost you is the cost of this book? It’s really pretty simple – and cost effective – as long as you’re willing to make the choice and shift how you approach your day by thinking and focusing on what will make you feel good (and happy).  This is what How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority is all about. Choices. How you view and interpret experiences, setbacks, good days and bad days. It doesn’t require immense amounts of therapy, drugs or money or dredging up all your past hurts to “work through them.” What it does entail is using your life’s experiences as tools to help you realize how you were able to take obstacles and forks in the road, learn from them, move on and find happiness (again).

When you make feeling good your priority, you start this magnetic shift from bad days to bad moments. When you think about it, a bad day is really just a series of moments. If you make the shift from a day to a moment, it’s a lot easier to let go and move on. This is when you make the conscious shift to say, how can I feel better?  I know you inherently believe it’s possible or you wouldn’t be here.  So, let’s get started and have some fun.  Isn’t that what feeling good is all about?


All Ages & Abilities

From teens and cross training enthusiasts looking to improve skills, to couch potatoes seeking a 5K finish to seasoned runners and triathletes, learn how to improve your running (or just learn how) through a feel good approach.

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Learn how you can get to where you want to be and adopt a more positive approach to training, life, and overall wellbeing.


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