What is Feel Good Mindset?


Through 30+ years of training for 27 marathons, including 20 Boston qualifiers and another 200+ races of all distances, Holly Rouillard Johnson discovered her “secret sauce” to reaching fitness and race goals and balancing these with career, relationship and life interests was through a “feel good” mentality.  Over the past 15 years, this whole person approach, which includes training and coaching programs, along with whole body wellness, has helped evolve people of all ages improve their outlook and overall wellbeing through feel-good techniques.  

About founder & CEO Holly Johnson


A 30+ year marketing and public relations consultant, including co-owner of two successful PR, marketing, design and photography firms, Holly Rouillard Johnson’s path to making feeling good her priority manifested itself in her childhood and high school years. During this time, she discovered running, which ultimately led her down a 27-time marathon journey starting at the age of 34.  Of these, she qualified for Boston 20 times and ran six times. She credits her average to achieving accomplishments in racing and life to her feel-good mentality, including a proven formula on how to sustain a feel-good state for as long as possible both along 26.2-mile courses and life’s paths. 

Over the years, Holly’s commitment to feeling good led her to coaching and helping others adapt more positive mindsets and help her heal and overcome injuries and balance the demands of professional and running careers along with family and other sports and travel interests. It also fueled her courage to face and deal with adversity as an athlete and in life. This feel-good commitment ultimately led to her ability to embrace every setback as an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve, principles and practices she shares as the author of her first book, How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority, as well as through consulting, coaching and speaking engagements.

A graduate of the University of Denver where she holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, Holly is a member of the National Speakers Association, Vail Valley Partnership, OutRival Racing Team, and Vail Valley Vixens Cycling Club. In addition to running, she enjoys cooking, competing in triathlons, traveling, scuba diving, and cycling.

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