Having lived, trained and coached in Florida for 18 years, the heat and humidity can take its toll. And not just Florida. Symptoms such as low energy, soreness and yes, stiffness from dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can wreak havoc on your training, but only if you allow it. Get up and out early and follow some mindful tips and you discover ways to feel good (or at least better!) training in the heat:

Take a NUNN tablet in a full bottle of water the night before a run lasting more than 45 mins. This will help with electrolyte and mineral boosting that can be as much or more of a contributor to that lethargy than dehydration.

ALWAYS bring sports drink on a run of any length. It will help with energy and recovery.

Slow down…add 30 sec per mile to pacing and if Heart Rate (HR) training, take a short walk break to get your HR down when doing speed work (the interval) and then run very easy. The goal is 3-4 mins pace variance, not staying at an elevated HR or pace.  Pace consistency is for long and slow runs with the goal of finishing on the faster end of your range vs starting at the faster end and getting slower.

Wear a hat or visor to “create shade” – make sure it is very lightweight technical fabric. NO COTTON!

Run cool/cold water over your glutes, legs and feet at the end of your shower after a run.

Make sure you are stretching (rolling is OK but not nearly as effective as stretching) for at least 10 mins on run days (every day is even better). Google best glute, quad and hip flexor stretches for Runners and pick 4-5.  These are especially important if you sit at a desk most days.

Get a massahhhhhge…


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