Struggling with staying positive amidst pandemic recovery uncertainty?  You are not alone. While misery may love company, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our minds can be a terrible influence when we allow them to run away with things we do not know. This includes assumptions we make about others and what we think they may be thinking. It can wreak havoc on your wellbeing.

Instead of worrying about what the future may hold, think about what you’d like the future to hold. Focus on what you can do vs. what you wish, or hope might happen. Yes, COVID has created more uncertainty but a lot of this is how we are reacting to it and letting it control our lives. There is a certain amount of uncertainty in anything we do. For example, do you let the fact that you have a good chance of getting into a car accident more than getting COVID prevent you from driving?  Or that you could get robbed if you go shopping?  Of course not. So let go of the uncertainty and seize the moment, the day, the thing you want to have happen.

Let go of perceived barriers and ask yourself, “If I could accomplish one thing this year what would it be?” And then ask yourself, “OK, so how do I make this happen?” Want to go away? Ask yourself where you’d like to go, who you would go with, where you’d like to stay (camp, hotel, resort, friends, family) and then ask yourself, “What do I need to make this happen?”

The whole energy shift goes to one of making something happen vs. feeling or allowing yourself to be the victim. The same pattern holds true, if you’d like to get a new job, start a new relationship, improve an existing one, or make more money.

Having a positive inner dialogue with ourselves is an amazing tool when we allow ourselves to ask – for what we need, why it’s important and why it will make you happy. You may not always get you want but the law of attractions and averages are in your favor simply by having established a goal in the first place.

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