When life takes a turn in the wrong direction, what do you do? Does it wreck your mood or your day? It’s not that there aren’t forks in the road or detours — it’s how we perceive and respond to these that determines whether we start to give up and give in to whatever fears we’re having or use them as a “sign” that says, “whoa, stop! You’re heading in the wrong direction.”

This is where the detour sign comes in and works to our advantage. Because a detour is simply an alternate route to get you back on track. The track of shifting from what’s wrong to what’s right and feeling good — and heading in the right direction (again). Yes, at first it can be really annoying, frustrating or upsetting, but in reality, it just helps keep us going. And isn’t movement better than feeling stuck?

Gabrielle Bernstein, notable law of attraction and the “Universe Has Your Back” author, calls these detours in the right direction. I know it seems hard. And yes, it can be if you allow yourself to see if that way. What if you tried saying to yourself, “OK, this isn’t what I hoped for but I’m going to deal with it because at some point, I’m going to see the lesson/value in this.” Our minds will tell us it’s hard because it involves change and doing something we weren’t expecting or didn’t want to do. And if change was easy, everyone would do it. But what makes life hard, versus a day or moment, is when we give in, give up and think why bother. Nothing worth doing is done easily unless you believe you can overcome anything.

So today, think about something in your life that happened and at the time, you thought it was the hardest thing you ever had to deal with. How did you overcome it? What motivated you to say, there has to be a better way? This is where you make the powerful shift to remind yourself you can. And will.

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