When you think about things you love, what comes to mind? Family? Work? Friends? Pets? Kids? Certain types of foods? Vacation spots? A good book? A certain sport? Do you consciously think about things you love on a daily basis? Thinking about what you love and even more importantly, how you feel during these love moments, can have a powerful impact on your day, week, year, relationships and career. There is a scary statistic from the Gallup Poll that up to 85 percent of Americans are disengaged or hate their jobs. That’s a really big number. How do you think this affects their daily lives and relationships with themselves and others?

While not everyone can love their job, there are mental shifts we can all make to at least enjoy and appreciate our work more (yes, all of us). Kind of like running. If you ask the majority of people who run if they love to run, most say no, but they like the feeling they get after the run. The key component here is on the feeling, not the actual activity. So, if you’re not crazy about or among the Americans that hate or feel disengaged with their job, try shifting to the aspects of your job you do like, such as the paycheck that allows you to pay your bills, healthcare benefits, a co-worker that became a friend, paid vacations, some new-found job flexibility, etc. By shifting your mindset to the benefits vs. the drawbacks you allow yourself to see more good than bad, which in turn, allows you to feel better. And if you had a more positive mindset at work, how do you think it would relate to the other parts of your day? When we have more positive mindsets and choose love and appreciation over resentment or anger, the law of attraction states that more positive experiences – and feelings – will come your way. And wouldn’t it be nice to go home in a good mood?

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