There is no more important person than you. Sound selfish? Think about when you make yourself a priority and take care of yourself, including a conscious effort to present yourself and shine your light in your best possible way, do you feel better? Is there more skip in your step? Love in your heart? Does that sound selfish or a great way to live?

While self-care may be judged by others as selfish (note the source when you feel judged), it is actually self-less. Self-care allows you to focus on the feel-good feelings and qualities that allow you to be a nicer person, friend, parent and colleague. And most importantly, it is about you defining who you are and allowing yourself to step back, breath and say, “How can I be the best version of me today?”

Is it that longer than usual hot shower? A morning run or walk? A mindful yoga session? Savoring your coffee a little more, offering to pick up/drop off the kids even when it’s not your turn, choosing to fuel or nourishing your body and mind with a healthy meal and drinking some extra water?  When we become mindful to our care, we can then be more mindful of others.


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