Children are all about feeling good. And if they don’t feel good, boy do you know it. So, what happens when you get older, and you feel like you must behave when you don’t feel good? You become the angry or frustrated parent, partner, friend and person.

So now I hear you saying, “But I’m not a kid anymore.” Does that mean you can’t have any fun? Get on a swing or a bike? When was the last time you broke a routine and did something different? Do you eat the same thing every morning for breakfast? Drive the same route to work or school? How about switching the side of the bed you sleep on? Or a spontaneous hug and kiss for your spouse, or your kids when they come home? Do you spend more time nagging or feeling angry and resentful toward people you love and work with? What if you asked them to help you? Kids play together (mostly), adults do this division of labor vs joining forces to get something done. Isn’t it more fun to play nice than to play angry?

If you are reading this there is something inside of you that is saying, “I would really like to feel better – or figure out how to feel good more – and be less angry.” There is a part of you that inherently believes there is a way to feel good — or at least you have that hope and desire. The law of attraction says we get not what we need but what we believe. Children inherently believe they deserve to be happy and feel good. It’s why they will unabashedly ask for what they want and if they get a no, keep on asking. They will break you down until you say yes. But as adults, we won’t even ask for fear of rejection. So, we just yell, or worse, bury it inside with rage and anger, until we hit the boiling point.

What if…you decide for one day you are going to play differently. You are going to ask for help vs. do it yourself. That includes saying to your kids or spouse, hey, I’d really like to get the house cleaned up or have the lawn get mowed. What if you agree on a day this week that you will spend two hours with your family, roommate, significant other cleaning up together to eliminate some clutter (aka, stress) in your life and when you’re done, go out for brunch, breakfast, lunch or a special picnic at the park — where there are swings. Doesn’t that sound more fun than grinding it out on your own and spending idle time on Facebook? Isn’t it fun to spend time with the people you love?

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