A great mental strength tool for runs or workouts if they start to get hard, is to shift your focus to the last 2-3 miles of a longer race; i.e., if you’re on longer run or workout starts to feel hard around the last 2-3 miles, act like it’s the last 1-2 miles of a 10K for a 6 mile run, or mile 11 on a longer run or mile 24 on a marathon. Even if you’re not a runner, you can think about how hard it must feel and compare that to you are feeling on that given day. A) you are either going to say, wow, it would be great if I could feel this good at mile X or B) it’s supposed to be hard; it’s the last couple of miles and I don’t have to even run them as fast as I would be in a race!  It really is mind over matter.  

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