You are what you eat, and that goes for energy too. What you put into your body equates to what it will give back. Starve it and it will fight back by crashing or heading you to the nearest vending machine or fast food outlet to fill it up. If you’re struggling with energy during the day or while exercising, look first to your diet.

Most people eat in the wrong direction. In an effort to cut calories, they skimp during the day and then “reward” themselves at night for “being good” or you are just so hungry you’d eat anything put in front of you. And then you go to sleep. Overly full and not burning a lot fewer calories than you do when moving around during the day or better yet, getting exercise.

Research study after research study has shown that people of normal weight eat the most frequently. This is about putting higher quality food into your system 4-5 times per day. This is not supersized anything or huge meals; it’s about balance.

If you’re thinking you don’t have time to make meals, have no fear. There are many simple and easy ways to get high-quality foods into your system; it just takes a little mindfulness and a commitment to feeling good.  There are a plethora of food trucks and healthy fast n’ go places to get food; just be mindful of anything too creamy or fried. One add-on is fine but try to make the rest a mix of protein, healthy carbs (yes, carbs are good for you!) such as rice, potatoes, bread (whole grain is always better). Still on the fence? How about looking back on one of your good energy days. What did you eat, drink and how did you sleep? Chances are you were better than average on what you ate and hence, how you felt.

We all have choices — to feel good and think about what we need to do to feel good. Or you can choose to feel bad and become victims of the day.  Today, think about what will make you feel good (before alcohol, fried food or ice cream).  Being mindful is the first step in your right direction.

To help you along your way, click on the link below to access your free daily nutrition outline. Give it a try and see how you feel!

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