A big part of what holds us back is our inability to let go. Letting go of the anger, resentment, judgement of others, ourselves, our spouse, our kids, our boss, or your friend who made some comment that really set you off. While we think it’s hard not to let people get under our skin, it’s easier to let it go. And a lot healthier. While you may or may not be an inherently resentful person, we all tend to take things personally and hang on to whatever someone said, did or didn’t do that hits a trigger.

Sound familiar? So how does letting go make you feel better? Put it into the context of what was going on in the life of the person (vs. making it about you) and acknowledge that hurt people do hurtful things. This includes when you’re hurting, you might do hurtful things to yourself. We berate ourselves for not doing enough, or feeling like we need to do more, aren’t disciplined enough, smart enough, fit enough, strong enough, or beautiful or handsome enough. Are these your go to thoughts? What if you switched to being thankful for what you have vs what you wish you had?

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, it means allowing for what is today and accepting of what you are and have today. This gratitude mindset sets you up to being more receptive to opportunities that are out there waiting to come your way. If you’re not feeling good, ask yourself, what can I do to myself feel good – or at least better? When you do this, you allow more goodness to come into your life (aka, law of attraction).

Think about it. Doesn’t feeling good feel good? Next to love, isn’t being happy one of the best feelings in the world?

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