Bombarded by so many “do this” messages to feeling good and wondering what to do? Before doing or buying, go within. Think about what brings you joy. What makes you happy. Focus on the feeling vs. the “thing.” Experiences that make your heart sing vs. the things that make you feel good. Once you know the feeling then you are in a more proactive vs. reactionary mindset.

Marketers are experts at appealing to your vulnerabilities to make a sale. Before doing the “I need to feel good now,” reaction, hit the pause button and ask yourself, “what do I really need?” Is it this item or is it something else?

It’s not that “things” can’t contribute to your feel-good state but if that’s your go-to place, then you will be spending a lot of money to fulfill a void. A good question to ask is “How much power do I want to give to other people or “things” for my state of wellbeing?”

The next question is “What will make me feel better?” Look beyond food or other self- medication and think about something you can do that makes you feel good. Playing a favorite song, calling a friend, going for a walk or to the gym, picking up your favorite book, buying some flowers or doing a random act of kindness. Focusing on how you want to feel vs. what makes you feel good is a powerful tool to integrating feel-good states day in, day out.

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