Feel-good challenge: Show and express gratitude to yourself and at least one other person every day for 30 days and share it!  It’s one of the easiest and most powerful feel-good things you can do for yourself and others.

Think about it – how good does it make you feel when someone expresses or shows their gratitude to you with a kind word, thoughtful gesture or just doing something because…Pretty good right?

If you’re wondering what the big deal is about gratitude, to start, it’s important enough to have two annual designations – World Gratitude Day (September 21); and Gratitude Month (November).

Daily list

How you celebrate and express gratitude each day is limited only by your imagination. Start with stating three things every day for which you are grateful – or what you can do to express gratitude. Some people write thank you notes to those they appreciate. Some make a point of having “gratitude dinners” with family members. And others start a gratitude journal in which they record what they’re grateful for. How about a gratitude game with your kids? Or doing something unexpected for your significant other or co-worker?

Pay it forward

So, during the month of November, take a moment (or two, or three…) to reflect on the blessings that make you grateful. In the same spirit, being grateful for all you have is a particularly meaningful time to help those in need. Some people mark show their gratitude with volunteer efforts. Others make a donation to a worthy cause. How about a pay it forward and/or random act of kindness like buying someone’s coffee who is behind you or their grab n’ go lunch, just because you can…

Workplace gratitude

And don’t forget about the workplace — after all, the more gratitude in a company, the better it performs. Research studies prove it, over and over again. Gratitude makes people feel acknowledged for who they are and what they do, motivating and empowering them to do their best work.

Who or what are you grateful for? Gratitude Month is your opportunity to join in and participate in the positive energy we so desperately need in our daily lives.

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