No greater reward as a coach than to hear you have positively impacted somebody’s life. Proud to share Lou’s story about his journey over the past year and how he has integrated the positive runner’s mindset formula to lead a healthier, fitter and faster running — and now triathlon — way of life. 

“I moved to Florida in November 2018. I was overweight (185 pounds/28 BMI) and hadn’t run seriously in about a year — although I had done a marathon 10 years ago. I spent November just trying to build a base, mostly on a treadmill and even though I ran 3-4 miles a day, at the end of the month I weighed exactly the same.

I found Holly online at the beginning of December, and told her my goals (lose fat and run a half marathon) and we started our journey. She got me off the treadmill and gave me daily plans. She gave me advice on nutrition and proper fueling — most importantly, she worked on my mindset and gave me advice she learned from training with elites.

In February 2019, I PR’d my half marathon at the music half.  I also had lost about 10 pounds.

In April 2019, I ran a respectable 5k on sand — I weighed 170. I also let her know I was thinking about doing a Triathlon and was swimming on my cross-training days.

By May, with all of this and a changed diet, I managed to move my total cholesterol from 285 to 226.

By September I weighed 155, which is my normal weight. We started triathlon training in earnest. She gave me a personalized plan, recommended a swimming coach, and we worked 1:1 to improve my biking, biking to run, and transitions.

In November I PR’d my mile run at 6:38. I am maintaining my weight and went from a 36″ to 31″ size in jeans — I’ve had to donate a bunch of clothes.

On December 1st, I completed an International length triathlon at Longboat Key. All of our hard work paid off — I was confident at every portion. I felt supported and encouraged — not just by her, but by the whole group she runs — some have been with her for years — I know I can count on them to lift me up.

This is just my first year with Holly — I turn 50 in April and I am definitely in the best shape of my life. I am training harder than ever, but she makes sure to keep us within ourselves — this year has been injury-free.

My next goal is to PR my 5k, which I set in my 30s. It will be hard, but everything seems doable now.” 

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