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I was selected to run the 2017 New York Marathon by Michelob Ultra for their Team Ultra.  The selection came three months before the actual race.  Holly was recommended to me as a coach.  Within 3 months, Holly trained me so that I could run the entire marathon.  I was only running 4 miles when I started with her.  The marathon is over yet I am staying with Holly. Holly knows how to coach. I am finally becoming the runner I have always wanted to be under Holly’s guidance.
Beth Waskom

Holly is the best! She has helped me lead a richer, fuller life guiding me with an exercise program and her ongoing support. 

Beth G.

Holly has been my coach for quite some time and I would recommend her to anyone.  Holly is not only a proven runner, qualifying for the nation’s top marathons, she continues to increase her running education and happily shares this knowledge with those she coaches. Holly maintains an infectious positive attitude and is everyone’s #1 cheerleader. Holly has taught me the importance of incremental improvements over time and a mantra that has served me well and will never leave me, “ Run smart to finish strong”.
Dan Feuser

Ann and I would like to express our thanks to you for all that you have done for Ev. Showing compassion and understanding goes a long way. Not only did we chose the “Best Coach” ever, but more importantly, a compassionate, thoughtful and considerate person to help Ev has achieved his maximum potential as a runner and, as a person. You have catapulted him to his the next level and for that, we are truly grateful… (p.s. If flattery gets you everywhere…then go everywhere!) Thanks to Running Buddies too.!!! All your people are very supportive and thoughtful…God bless you all!  We couldn’t have landed on a better group of people!
Tony C.

I’ve been working with Holly for about four years now. I’ve come from being a non-runner wishing and looking  to be a competitive runner, to now being one, at 60 years old. I’ve done nine races this year with four 1st and three 2nd place age group wins. Holly is a good Coach and very focused on our training and I’m very happy.

Tom Y.

Training with Holly has taught me to stick to the plan, remember the basics and celebrate the little victories along the way!
Leigh M.

I started training with Holly Johnson in the fall of 2014.  I had already run a couple of half marathons, but wanted to improve my running form and time and better my overall knowledge of the sport.  We discussed my running history, conditioning, nutrition, running goals, and target races and Holly tailored a customized training program for me.  We meet up twice a week for a speed session and long run and Holly stays in touch with constant communication to see how my training is going.  Holly is a great communicator and has nurtured my self-confidence and gotten me through a few minor injuries.  I always feel ready and trained for all of my races and this helps my self-confidence and overall performance.  I always hear Holly’s voice in my head during every race ‘Run smart to finish strong.’  This is my 4th year of running with Coach Holly and I am continuing to get stronger and faster each year.
Marcy M.

Training with Holly gave me the plan I needed to improve my strength and time in running half marathons.  I appreciated the fact that I did not feel like I was over training and running too much so that I was injury prone.

Holly is the best! She is highly professional and a spectacular motivator. She guided me to incorporate exercise and better food choices into my life. She was always there for me. I finally lost that 15 pounds!
Beth W.

Thank you, one more time, for helping me add this dimension to my life.  Your initial assurance that you want to work with people for whom running is part of their life, not their life, is being borne out for me.  I am so grateful for the gift you have helped me give myself.  And now I am a runner.
Ian Bland

I found Holly online at the beginning of December, and told her my goals (lose fat and run a half marathon) and we started our journey. She got me off the treadmill and gave me daily plans. She gave me advice on nutrition and proper fueling — most importantly, she worked on my mindset and gave me advice she learned from training with elites. 

I felt supported and encouraged — not just by her, but by the whole group she runs — some have been with her for years — I know I can count on them to lift me up. This is just my first year with Holly — I turn 50 in April and I am definitely in the best shape of my life. I am training harder than ever, but she makes sure to keep us within ourselves. 

Lou F.

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