Do you struggle with reaching your goals?  Most people do — not just in running but also in life. When presented with a goal — either by a runner or for myself — I turn to journalism class and the all-important 5Ws — Who, What, When, Where, Why.  

While the WHO may seem obvious (you) it should also include who you need to help you reach your goals. Is it the support of a SO or spouse to help out with the kids so you can do your morning or evening run?  Is it a coach or a group of other runners to motivate you and hold you accountable?

The next step is WHAT you need to do to reach your goal — new shoes, a race incentive, better nutrition, a coach, training buddies, a few less pounds?  

WHEN are you going to start? WHEN are you going to race and how much time do you have to effectively train?  WHEN are you going to run? Morning?  Lunch break?  After work? 

WHERE can you run?  Is it a loop around your neighborhood, joining a fitness club, finding new running routes to avoid boredom and/or where you will race.  Are you seeing a bucket list race or local running club or charity races?

Most importantly is your WHY.  In order to succeed you need to ask yourself why running and/or racing is important to you.  This is the WHY that helps you get out the door in the morning or after work, keeps you plugging along on the days that don’t feel great or to regroup and embrace the process after a less than desired race outcome. Your WHY is all about you — and it should be.  It is uniquely yours, just like you.  

By answering these questions, you will be several steps closer to reaching your goal.

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