Are you signed up or thinking about it and wondering how you will get to the finish — or achieve a new PR?  

From Couch to 5K, extending into 10Ks or going the distance with a half marathon, marathon or Triathlon run segment, the Runner’s Mindset formula goes beyond template programs to help you reach your goals.

Yes, there are free training programs on-line.  But what these don’t take into account are all the variables, such as life, distractions, and other commitments that seem to creep into not getting the training in or pushing too hard to do make up miles and workouts. Also missing are the all-important  nutrition/fueling, hydration and most importantly, positive mindset you need to get you to the finish line or achieve a new PR. 

Yes, it requires a commitment but that’s why it’s called an achievement.  By learning the tools that teach you how to shift from negative to positive, you too can achieve anything you put your mind too. From an average athlete at best and working with seven awesome coaches over the past 30 years, I went from hating running in high school to training for and completing 26 marathons (including 20 Boston qualifiers), week-long cycling events,  a dozen triathlons, and outdoor survival and TransRockies runs. This also included my fastest marathon in 20 years at the age of 56 in 2017.  

How do you do it?  Learn how to adapt a Runner’s Mindset and the all-important formula that will help you find ways to make any run, workout or race work and go from how can I to how will I.

This proven Runner’s Mindset program can help you go from the couch to the finish line or achieve a new PR.

Call, text or email me to find out how you too can step outside lines and pursue something you might have thought was not within your reach but can be with the right mindset.

I look forward to helping you reach your next goal and beyond!

Coach Holly

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