Elite athletes swear by it. So do many of the world’s most successful businesspeople. It’s called visioning: The ability to think or plan the future with imagination and wisdom. So, what does visioning have to do with feeling good? It’s about seeing yourself, your business or a relationship in the way you want vs. the way it is.

If you’re struggling with feeling good in your present state, be it personally or professionally, start thinking about where you’d like to be – and what would make you feel better about life, work or a relationship. Most people’s barriers lie in focusing on their present state of mind and what’s happening externally – or not working – then what they want to happen.

Wondering where to start? Pick a goal. Your # 1 goal. Write it down. Then, write down your #1 challenge to achieving this goal. Next, write down how you can address this challenge and what you need to do or ask for to make it happen. If you find yourself making excuses about what you can’t, ask yourself, why not?

Once you have the goal and challenge, write it on a piece of paper and tape it on your bathroom mirror or by your computer where you see it every day.

Every morning, during the day and/or before you go to sleep, look at your #1 goal and then gently shut your eyes. Spend 2-3 minutes creating a vision in your mind of this actually happening. What it feels like. What you feel like when you have achieved this goal. What we can see, we can achieve.

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